German small and medium-sized companies will have more green IT in coming years, according to a study by the Software Initiative Germany (SID), an industry association.

According to the study, 75 percent of the 100 managers polled cited green IT as important to their companies. Twenty-five percent felt that a sustainable approach to IT is already a top priority.

Of the respondents, 46 percent believed green IT would gain in importance between now and 2015if the economy continues to improve, but 29 percent doubted there was a link between the two.

Uwe Kramer, chairman of the SID, said companies should realize the benefits and not just the costs of investing in green IT.

"Green IT and the related issues of server and storage consolidation, virtualization and the high availability of systems, - in addition to the performance boost - can bring massive savings," he said.

Green IT aims to adopt a sustainable approach to building and using information and communication systems.

The poll was conducted among managers of companies with less than 50 million euros in annual sales. Those companies generate roughly half of Germany's industrial sales and employ more than half of the workforce.