Image: HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies is launching HERE OTA Connect, a new over-the-air technology for secure transfer of data, software and firmware between the cloud and a vehicle. This has been designed to integrate into an OEM’s own back-end and is available as a standalone product, although HERE is to combine it into its current suite of software and services as well – and says that it could also be used for non-automotive applications such as drones and robotics.

OTA Connect was created by Berlin-based Advanced Telematic Systems (ATS), which HERE acquired in January 2018, and uses the Uptane security framework, designed specifically for software for connected and autonomous cars. Armin G. Schmidt, senior director OTA, HERE Technologies, said in a statement: “Safety is top of mind. With cars, the stakes are so much higher than mere data breaches. As carmakers develop connected and self-driving systems, they must also design and operate their vehicles to keep out intruders. HERE OTA Connect not only provides a highly secure framework against hacker hijacking, it speeds up the process of getting important safety updates out in a cost-effective and scalable manner.”

Ralf Herrtwich, SVP Automotive, added: “HERE OTA Connect provides cost- and time-saving benefits by enabling automakers to update vehicles remotely, such as in large recall campaigns. It also opens up revenue streams for automakers by giving their customers the ability to purchase new vehicle upgrades and features at the touch of a button.”

HERE also announced this week that it has joined forces with partners in China, Japan and Korea to form OneMap Alliance, a collaborative global, standardized and dynamic HD map based on the HERE HD Live Map specification. “Automakers building automated cars are thinking globally and want an HD map that can scale with them,” said Herrtwich. “By sourcing from the OneMap Alliance partners, automakers get to leverage a map that is fully harmonized across regions, offering the same high quality for their vehicles in the US as it does in Europe and Asia. This simplified way of sourcing the map will also help reduce automakers’ development time and unnecessary costs.”

Partners in the OneMap Alliance with HERE are NavInfo (China), Increment P (IPC)/Pioneer (Japan) and Korea’s SK Telecom, whose 5G technology will be integrated.

-Farah Alkhalisi