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Martin Hofmann will take over from Klaus Hardy Muehleck Dec. 1 (Photo: VW)

Martin Hofmann will take over from Klaus Hardy Muehleck as CIO of Volkswagen Group Dec. 1.

As reported earlier, Hofmann will have two deputies: Ralf Brunken, who currently is the CIO of supplier Continental's automotive operations, and Uwe Schulte, who is in charge of integration and services within VW's IT organization.

Brunken will become responsible for all application development, while Schulte will take charge of IT technology and infrastructure.

Hofmann is currently in charge of organizational development at Volkswagen. He joined the company 10 years ago, having worked earlier for IT services group EDS, where he was in charge of digital markets solutions consulting in the US.

Within VW, Hofmann ran e-procurement and supply-chain integration from 2001 til 2003. He subsequently was in charge of process and information management in the VW Group's purchasing department. Hofmann assumed his organizational development responsibilities in 2008.

Brunken started with VW in 1986 as a systems analyst. He moved to Audi as project leader for construction in 1995. Between 1997 and 2007 he held various management positions at VW, including IT director at VW India. In 2009, Brunken moved to Continental.

Schulte joined VW in 1985 and managed a range of projects. In 2000, he ran the information systems division of Skoda and from 2003 til 2005 he was in charge of manufacturing information systems at VW. Since 2010, Schulte is in charge of IT integration and services.

Klaus Hardy Muehleck, who joined VW 10 years ago after stints at Siemens and Daimler, is expected to stay with the carmaker in a new role.