2013 Fit EV

Honda’s electric Fit was unveiled at the Los Angeles auto show this week (Photo: Honda)

The new electric version of the Honda Fit, which will be for sale from the summer of 2012,will be powered by Toshiba battery modules that the company says will charge quicker and provide less heat than more conventional EV batteries.

The Japanese electronics group said the Japanese carmaker has evaluated the systems since December, 2010. "Honda selected the SCiBTM module for the FIT EV after a comprehensive evaluation program that tested the battery's performance under diverse and demanding conditions," Toshiba said in a press release.

The so-called SCiBTM module is particularly suited for automotive applications, Toshiba said. The module uses Lithium titanate oxide in the battery anode, which helps achieve rapid charge times and long battery life, the company said. It added that the SCiBTM also performs well in extremely cold temperatures.

Toshiba said the the SCiBTM battery cells gives EVs a longer driving rangethan they would have with lithium-ion batteries.

Moreover, an SCiB20Ah cell charged with an 80Ah current will reach 80% of capacity in 15 minutes and 95% three minutes later, Toshiba said. It will generate little heat during the recharging, eliminating the need for extra cooling, Toshiba said.