Image: Netradyne

Hyundai MNsoft, a subsidiary of the Hyundai Group, is partnering with start-up Netradyne, which focuses on computer vision, deep learning, edge computing and predictive analytics, to develop global HD maps for autonomous vehicles. Hyundai MNsoft currently supplies Hyundai and Kia with embedded navigation and location-based and cloud-based services, including geographic information system (GIS) technologies such as server-based routing and live traffic information, and mobile apps such as Hyundai’s Blue Link and Kia’s UVO.

Netradyne, which has technology centers in San Diego, California, and Bangalore, India, has already been working with Hyundai MNsoft for around a year on mapping parts of the USA in high-definition, and running proof-of-concept trials of dynamic crowd-sourced deep vision analytics – said to be cheaper than LiDAR scanning. The HD map capabilities are further integrated with Netradyne’s Driveri safety monitoring, prediction and real-time alert platform. Driveri – a fleet solution – crowd-sources dynamic data on accidents, road construction, and static elements such as lane markings, signs and signals.

Byoungkeun Woo, Hyundai MNsoft vice-president, said in a statement: “Netradyne’s vision-based road feature analytics will allow us to maintain the most technologically advanced HD maps. With this agreement, we will make additional efforts to develop our HD maps for the safety of all autonomous vehicles.”