Audi A2 concept.automotiveIT

The electric A2 concept will seat four (Photo: Audi)

Audi plans to show an electric A2 concept at the Frankfurt auto show (IAA) later this month.

The model will be 3,800mm long, 1,690mm wide and 1,490mm tall. It will have LED lights, gesture control to unlock doors and touch-control areas on the side of the steering wheel.

The A2 will also feature two additional control surfaces that fold up when the driver starts the car. A seven-inch display and twosecondary displays are located the end of the open-profile steering wheel.

The A2”²s center console is attached to the driver’s seat, while the rear console extends forward between the two rear seats.

Audi said the A2 concept has been shaped for visual impact. It has a dark glass roof that becomes transparent at the push of a button.

The premium car maker said the A2 is a “premium-standard space concept that offers plenty of room for four people.”