IBM will be present at the Frankfurt auto show next month as it tries to grow its automotive business worldwide.

The US IT giant will showcase products across a broad spectrum of automotive sectors, including connectivity, electric vehicles and intelligent traffic management. Within these areas, IBM is conducting research into new battery technologies, how to use business analytics for mobile online services and how to develop open mobility platforms.

"Within the ecosystem of new mobility, the intelligent car plays a key role along with the establishment of new mobility concepts and services," IBM said on its Web site. It added that IT developments provide business opportunties for automotive and energy companies as well as for cities.

In Frankfurt, IBM will unveil an intelligent transport solution, which will demonstrate how sophisticated traffic analysis can help fight congestion.

On the battery front, IBM is leading the so-called "Battery 500" project, which aims to quintuple the range of existing electric-vehicle batteries by using lithium-air technology.

The company is also partcipating in a European Union project called "Green eMotion." Here, the US company is joined by more than 40 partners in the development of a common concept for electric mobility. At the core of the project is a digital marketplace that would let electricity providers and fleet managers trade in the Cloud.

At the IAA in September, IBM will also present scenarios for the use of new services that gather and analyze vehicle and driver data that can be used to intelligently link online services.

The IAA runs from Sept. 13 through Sept 25 with the first two days reserved for the international press.