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Innovative seats help improve temperature management (Photo: smart)

smart will unveil a "forvision" electric version of the small car at the upcoming Frankfurt auto show.

The forvision, which was developed with chemicals maker BASF, uses completely new concepts and materialis in areas such as insulation, reflection, lightweight design and energy management.

""With the forvision smart is doing justice to its role as Daimler's think tank for urban mobility," smart boss Annette Winkler said in a press release.

Among the innovations on show in the forvision are transparent organic solar cells, transparent and energy-saving light-emitting diodes and infrared-reflective films and coatings as well as high-performance foams that are used for insulation. In the area of lightweight design, the vehicle is equipped with all-plastic wheels.

smart forvision seat.automotiveIT

Innovative seats help improve temperature management (Photo: smart)

The forvision has a light-transmitting roof that also generates energy through the use of transparent solar cells that cover the entire roof surface.

Another new feature under the solar cells are transparent OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) that illuminate the vehicle interior when the door is opened or a button pressed.

The forvision's plastic wheels wre developed by BASF from a new high-performance material. EAch wheel is 3 kilos lighter than wheels made with conventional materials. Smart said intensive product tests show the wheels can potentially be used in production vehicles.

In other areas, the forvision has seats that provide better temperature management and anoverall improved air-conditioning system with a new kind of heat shield.