At many auto shows, EDAG has shown innovative concept vehicles such as the 2016 Soulmate smart car (Photo: EDAG)

Engineering specialist EDAG will use this year's Frankfurt Auto Show to give a live demonstration of new, agile development methods.

At its IAA stand, the company plans to develop a car from scratch in a mere 12 days, using scrum, an agile framework for tackling complex projects. EDAG engineers will do most of the work, but visitors to the auto show can also contribute ideas.

The end result, a concept for a robot vehicle with swarm intelligence will be shown during the show, which starts with two press days Tuesday, Sept 12.  The car will be autonomous, electrically powered and fully connected.

EDAG said scrum, which has so far been little used in classic vehicle development, is key to reforming the auto industry's traditional ways of engineering and building cars.

"Engineering, too, must learn to speak the language of new beginnings," EDAG CEO Joerg Ohlsen said. "We want to make the development process multi-dimensional, more flexible and faster, to guarantee the required pace."