Automotive CIOs are putting a heavier focus on Cloud computing than their colleaques in other industries, according to an IBM study.

The software and IT services group conducted 3,018 interviews with CIOs for its 2011 Global Chief Information Officer Study. Out of the total, 146 were CIOs in the auto industry.

While 60 pc of all CIOs cited a focus on Cloud computing in the next three to five years, 70 pc of all automotive CIOs were focusing on the issue.

The study aso showed that automotive CIOs were more focused on internal collaboration and communication than industry CIOs in general.

IBM found that automotive CIOs:

  • were concentrated on re-engineering their organizations to help expand their companies
  • were ready to change their mix of capabilities and outsource extensively to partners
  • have a strong focus on Cloud computing, business intelligence and analytics, and mobility solutions
  • want to concentrate on insight and intellience and people skills as they support organizational strategies
  • aim to use data management, visual dashboards and data warehousing to turn data into intelligence
  • have a clear goal of reducing legacy costs, in first instance through rationalization of application portfolios.
More details on the IBM report can be found here.