How Openmatics works (source:ZF)

ZF Friedrichshafen is planning a Web store for telematics applications that can be used on its Openmatics software platform.

The store will be developed by IBM and the IT group will also run it.

The southern German automotive supplier said the store will let vehicle manufacturers and third-party providers build and offer their own apps for use on the Openmatics platform.

Openmatics is an open, manufacturer-neutral platform for telematics applications. It consists of an onboard unit for vehicles and a web-based portal for analysis. IT can be used in any manufacturer’s vehicles.

Because the on-board unit is standardized, the number of Installed hardware telematics modules can be reduced.

The analysis web portal will be able to integrate future software services developed by third-party providers. Those services will be offered as apps in the online store.

"Especially the quick access to user-specific services is a central customer value of the app store", Thomas Rösch, head of Openmatics at ZF, said in a press release.

Operators of bus or truck fleets will be able to buy the first apps in the online store this summer.

Together with another German company, Funkwerk eurotelematik, ZF has already developed some fleet management apps. One of them, the "eLog" app, functions as an electronic trip recorder. It captures all data relevant for a tour. These include date, exact time of start and arrival, kilometers driven, distance, as well as the point of start and arrival. The data are saved and can be retrieved via the Openmatics web portal.

ZF developed its Openmatcs platform with chipmaker Intel.