The IFA, the world's largest consumer electronics trade fair, will take place in Berlin August 29 through Sept 5.

The annual event will focus on key digital lifestyle products such as smart TVs, tablets and smartphones. The displays will also include IT-enabled household products such as high-end coffee machines.

As a showcase for the digital world, IFA is of interest to the automotive community because many consumer electronics products and technologies increasingly find their way into the car. Battery technology for electric vehicles, for example, is derived from the consumer electronics industry.

The same holds for the mobile Apps that are now standard for electric vehicles. And the trend toward connected cars means the auto industry is becoming a major player in areas such as cloud computing.

IFA's TecWatch in Hall 11.1 of the Berlin Exhibition Center, will highlight technologies for the markets of tomorrow. These include new display technologies, virtual reality and Cloud-based applications.

Ford Motor will show in the TecWatch hall how new technologies can be integrated in the car.

This year's IFA will start with two press days on August 29 and 30. The show will open to the public on August 31.

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