Medio Systems is a predictive-analytics specialist (Photo: Medio)

Nokia plans to acquire 10-year-old Seattle-based Medio Systems in a move to add new personalization features to the navigation and mapping services offered by its HERE division.

Nokia HERE, which  makes location products for smartphones, tablets and cars, said Medio's predictive analytics capabilities will let it create better contextual maps that change according to a particular situation.

"We are entering the age of what I call cognitive mapping," HERE CEO Michael Halbherr, said in a press statement. In future, maps will be able to anticipate people's intentions, which would allow companies such as HERE to deliver "interactive and smart location experiences," he said.

Medio Systems, which has more than 60 employees, specializes in the mining of real-time activity data from sensors and connected devices. Its cloud-based predictive analytics is designed to gather and analyze big data in such a way that companies can use them as the base for automated business decisions.

The transaction is expected to close by the end of July.