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Paul Mascarenas (Photo: Larry A. Peplin)

As chief technology officer, Paul Mascarenas is a key player in Ford Motor's long-term strategic ambitions. Mascarenas, a 30- year veteran of the US based global automotive giant, helps define, research and implement the broad array of new technologies that Ford wants and needs to remain competitive in the 21st century.

Mascarenas looks at new powertrain technologies, including electrification. He also defines how and in what manner new driver-assistance features enter Ford's models globally.

And he works on Executive Chairman Bill Ford's vision of using smart, connected technologies to help avoid a global traffic jam.

The British-born mechanical engineer embraces the new technologies that are rapidly bringing consumer-electronics functionality into the car. And he sees various scenarios developing for tomorrow's personal mobility. At the same time, Mascarenas is convinced "there are still decades of growth in conventional transportation."

In an interview with automotiveIT at Ford's headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, Mascarenas spoke about these issues as well as his company's connected car strategy, the importance of the aftermarket and the speed of change in today's global car market.

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