Uber drivers can lease a Chevrolet Malibu (pictured) as part of the pilot (Photo: GM)

Maven, General Motors' personal mobility brand, will offer leases of one week or more to Uber drivers as part of a San Francisco pilot program.

The pilot offers people interested in using the Uber platform to provide taxi services an option to do so with a Chevrolet Cruze, Malibu or Trax model.

A driver will pay 179 dlrs a week for a car. The fee also covers insurance and any personal use of the vehicle.

For GM, the program is another step to expand its car-sharing and ride-sharing activities. It also could help its core new-car sales business.

"Only 10 months after launching Maven, we have implemented viable business-to-business platforms that GM can leverage to manage residual values for ex-lease and fleet vehicles," GM's vice president of urban mobility, Julia Steyn, said in a press statement.

Uber said the cooperation offers drivers more options while integrating GM's large fleet of vehicles into its network of services.

Maven runs car-sharing and ride-sharing programs using GM vehicles. California-based Uber is the leading ride-hailing company.