Infineon celebrated a milestone this week when it delivered its 100 millionth TriCore microcontroller, a core component powering automotive electronics in more than fifty car brands.

Statistically, the Munich-based chipmaker said, the TriCore modules, which help limit fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, can now be found in every second vehicle produced today.

TriCore-based microcontrollers manage injection, ignition or exhaust gas recirculation. They also are applied in electric steering, braking and chassis control. And they are increasingly used in hybrid and electric vehicle drives.

TriCore was developed by Infineon and has been in series production since 2005. It is the central processing unit of the company's 32- bit microcontrollers. These microcontrollers  are comparable to entire computers, because a single semiconductor can contain a program, working memory, interfaces and hard disks.

Infineon said each vehicle built today contains on average 300 dlrs worth of chips. Citing statistics from market researchers Strategy Analytics, it put the total value of the market for automotive chips at about 23 billion dlrs in 2011.