Inrix offers a wide range of traffic data services (Photo: Inrix)

PTV and Inrix plan to work together to provide modeling software to address mobility issues in smart cities.

PTV, a Germany-based logistics software group, and Inrix, a provider of real-time traffic information, said the cooperation will combine PTV's analytics tools with the traffic data gathered by Inrix.

In addition, the two companies will jointly market traffic management products worldwide.

"With urbanization on the rise, traffic management is a critical component of any city," said Rafay Khan, an Inrix senior vice president. "This partnership makes us best placed to combat urban mobility problems and play a leading role in the development of smarter cities."

PTV said it had selected Inrix as a partner because of its "superior traffic data," its international presence, its innovative capabilities and the breadth of its commercial partnerships.

Inrix uses big data analytics to combat traffic congestion. It also sells predictive traffic technologies to automakers, fleets and other organizations. PTV specializes in transport route planning and makes software aimed at helping companies and organizations operate smarter.