Powertrain forecast to 2030: Navigating the road to electrification

Automotive powertrain forecast 2020-2030

Download this report for forecasts of eight different powertrains across major regions, including hybridisation, electrification and internal combustion engines, which reveal changes that will have huge implications for automotive technology and IT. The latest insight by the business intelligence unit of Automotive from Ultima Media

The next decade will be an electrifying one for the automotive industry. A combination of stricter environmental policies, declining battery costs and developing technologies will see hybrid and electric powertrains overtake the internal combustion engine (ICE) powered purely by petrol or diesel. 

According to the latest forecast and report by Automotive from Ultima Media (login or register to download for free), the market share of new vehicles with hybrid or electric powertrains will rise dramatically from around 8% today, to 55% by 2030. Pure petrol and especially diesel-based powertrains will see double-digit declines over the decade.

However, the rate of regional adoption will vary according to regulatory differences, purchase subsidies, charging infrastructure and consumer preferences. 

This extremely complex landscape is explored at length in this report, including detailed forecasts, definitions and analysis by powertrain type, by region and major markets. It also provides insight on regulations and analyses implications for OEMs and tier suppliers.

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Global powertrain forecast by type to 2030

  • Petrol vehicle forecast
  • Diesel vehicle forecast
  • 48V/mild hybrid electric vehicle forecast
  • Full hybrid electric vehicles forecast
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles forecast
  • Electric vehicle forecast
  • Fuel cell electric vehicles forecast
  • Natural gas vehicles forecast

Powertrain forecast in eight major regions to 2030

  • US powertrain forecast by type
  • Rest of North America powertrain forecast by type
  • Europe powertrain forecast by type
  • China powertrain forecast by type
  • Japan powertrain forecast by type
  • Rest of APAC and Oceania powertrain forecast by type
  • Central and South America powertrain forecast by type
  • Middle East and Africa powertrain forecast by type

Analysis of

  • Regional differences
  • Investment risk
  • Technological risk
  • Opportunities for suppliers, startups and synergies

30 tables and charts

Automotive Intelligence

This report is the next in the series from Automotive from Ultima Media’s business intelligence unit highlighting pressing automotive industry and technological developments, risks and opportunities. Keep up with analysis on other industry trends here.

For more information contact:
Daniel Harrison, automotive analyst
Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief

Business intelligence by Automotive from Ultima Media

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