Image: Intangles

Indian IoT and deep learning specialist Intangles, based in Pune, has released a product for vehicle lifecycle management that uses digital twinning. The software, called ‘Ingenious’, creates a set of virtual sensors for components and algorithms to predict potential failures and performance by interrogating the data collected from the vehicle in a hybrid physics-based model with deep learning.

"We believe that digital twinning foreshadows the connected vehicle and advanced telemetry space significantly," Anup Patil, CEO of Intangles Lab, said in a statement. "As against automating the operational needs, digital twinning opens up a whole new paradigm of analyzing data using virtual sensors."

Aman Singh, Intangles’ head of analytics, added: “One of the critical elements to build an effective time series data and physics-based analytics model is the capability of the warehouse to aggregate large amounts of data acquired from the vehicle and analyze data from a wide variety of installed bases over a statistically significant period.”

The technology has been tested in India, and the operator of a large fleet of Volvo vehicles noted that the virtual sensor “was able to trigger alerts well in advance about future deterioration of alternator and battery systems. In the last few months we have reduced our alternator related breakdowns to zero.”

-Farah Alkhalisi