Remote updates of vehicle ECUs will lower costs, Wind River says (Photo: Wind River)

Wind River said it has added Arynga software to its automotive portfolio in a bid to accelerate the introduction of over-the-air (OTA) updates to embedded software.

The product lifecycle management (PLM) company, which is part of the Intel group, said the combined new software will help realize greater car connectivity and autonomous driving and will improve automotive security. It also cited lower software costs as carmakers no longer have to provide time-consuming individual vehicle updates.

Arynga, a specialist in intelligent vehicle software management, markets CarSync, which lets automakers maintain and update software and firmware in electronic control units (ECUs).

Marques McCammon, general manager of connected vehicle solutions at Wind River, said the company is  offering a “transformation” in automotive software. “OTA gives OEMs a lifecycle platform to provide efficient updates and deliver content to cars, and as IoT continues to grow, to any embedded device,” he said in a press statement.

Most automakers expect to start updating their cars’ software remotely in coming years, but with few exceptions, they don’t do so yet. That is mostly because of security concerns and safety risks associated with accessing cars that may be in motion.