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    Study: For young people, connectivity beats car


    For people between 18 and 25 years old, a mobile phone and connectivity in general are “clearly more important” than a car, according to a study of consumer attitudes toward the networked car. “For the young generation, internet, mobile phone and social networks are extemely important, while the car as ...

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    Generation Facebook in the car industry


    Social networks have become a matter of course for the Facebook generation. And companies in the auto industry are working hard to establish a presence in the world of Web 2.0. New communication initiatives are essential, both to make contact with young talent and to connect with a new generation ...

  • Peugeot Wifi

    Peugeot brings internet into the car


    Peugeot is bringing the internet into the car through the introduction of "Wifi on Board." The system will allow simultaneous connections of four devices: smartphones, iPads, laptop computers and game consoles. The system, which can be used while driving, will be available across the Peugeot model range, including the 207, ...