Thomas Weber sees a big role for IT in new cars

Daimler’s r&d boss says IT will play a key role in tomorrow's passenger cars. In an interview with automotiveIT, Thomas Weber cited driver-assistance systems, comfort features and new media as areas where IT will play a central role.

“The car will offer increasingly web-based services, individualization and connectivity,” Weber said. “Yesterday, car manufacturing was mostly about machine building; today IT has been added to this in a big way.”

Weber noted that Daimler's r&d department alone employs more than 1,000 software engineers.

The r&d boss said he works closely with Michael Gorriz, head of Daimler’s IT operations. And he noted that Daimler benefits from a strong in-house IT infrastructure that provides access to a wide range of tools the automaker needs.

Weber said that a key question in the area of new in-car features will be “what is allowed and what is possible."

And he added: “Regardless of the possibilities that exist in connectivity and infotainment, we are primarily concerned with customer usefulness and safety.”

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