JLR wants to boost safety by increasing visibility in the car (Photo: JLR)

Jaguar Land Rover, in a research project, is reimagining the cockpit to give drivers better visibility and, thereby, reduce the rate of traffic accidents.

The UK-based premium car group unveiled what it called a "360 virtual urban windscreen," which uses transparent roof pillars to let drivers look all around their cars. And, to assist them with navigation, a future heads-up display could project a virtual car on the windshield. JLR called this technology "Follow-me ghost car navigation."

"Our ultimate aim is to reduce road accidents and enhance the urban driving experience," said JLR R&D boss Wolfgang Epple. He added - in a press release - that the new technologies would improve visibility and give drivers "the right information at the right time."

To provide the enhanced visibility, screens would be embedded in each pillar inside the  car. These would take live video feeds from cameras attached to the outside of the car in such a way that they would make visible what is often obscured by the A, B and C pillars.

In a further development, JLR said the virtual windscreen could be connected to the cloud, which would give a driver access to such infrastructure information as gasoline stations and parking spots.