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    Hyundai to show "walking car" concept at Las Vegas tech show


    More details on the Hyundai Elevate study will be unveiled at CES next week (Photo: Hyundai) Hyundai Motor will show a “walking car” concept at next week’s CES high-tech exhibition. The futuristic study is further evidence how the Las Vegas high-tech gathering is increasingly being used to ...

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    At high-tech gathering, Kia to show emotion recognition for cars


    Kia will illustrate its ‘emotive driving’ concept at CES (Photo: Kia) Kia Motors will show a new technology at the CES consumer electronics exhibition that will allow a vehicle to automatically adapt its cabin to a driver’s emotional state. The Korean car brand said its real-time ...

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    Hyundai and Kia add solar power


    Image: Hyundai Motor Selected Hyundai and Kia vehicles will be offered next year with solar panels on their roof or hood: the solar charging will supplement electrical power in cars with hybrid, battery-electric and internal combustion engine (ICE) powertrains. Three solar charging systems have been developed. ...

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    How feasible is the timetable for connected driving?


    At CES, Toyota showed how cars could learn to handle traffic situations (Photo: Arjen Bongard) There is little doubt that, from a technical point of view, it's no longer an illusion that cars can get around without a driver at the wheel. But technology is not the only factor ...

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    Kia USA executive: "Automakers are willing to take more risks"


    Kia's Bzeih says CRM will be crucial in attracting customers to the brand (Photo: Arjen Bongard) Kia announced at the CES consumer electronics show that it plans to spend an initial 2 billion dlrs on advanced driver assistance systems in the next three years as it pursues a goal ...

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    CES: Kia ready for partially automated driving


    The autonomous Kia Soul can be controlled with a smartwatch (Photo: Kia) LAS VEGAS -- Kia said it is ready to start introducing partially automated vehicles, but fully autonomous cars will have to wait until 2030. The Korean carmaker also said at the CES consumer electronics show that it ...

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    Android alliance gets traction as brands join, plans are unveiled


    Kia says the Soul is one of the first models to feature Android Auto (Photo: Kia) With Volkswagen and Volvo Cars the latest auto brands to join the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), the Google initiative to boost the use of Android devices in cars is making headway. But carmakers ...

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    Hyundai, Kia adopt PTC’s PLM software for r&d


    Hyundai and Kia have adopted Windchill PLM software from US solutions provider Parametric Technology Corp (PTC), the companies said in a press statement. The Korean carmakers conducted an extensive two-year benchmark testing and selection process before deciding on Windchill. The software, which will be adopted in core r d operations, ...