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Konica Minolta’s secure-printing system will avoid BMW documents falling into the wrong hands (Source: Konica Minolta)

Konica Minolta will install 6,800 project management systems in BMW locations throughout Europe.

The Japanese printing, imaging and business solutions group won the order in a Europewide tender. It also includes a monitoring solution and applications for secure printing.

Of the total project management order, 2,000 systems will go to BMW's Munich headquarters. The first 3,100 systems will be installed in national offices and production facilities of the German premium car maker and in operations in Switzerland, Austria and Britain. That part of the order will be delivered by the end of 2011.

BMW new secure-printing systems will, among other things, require users of printers to identify themselves so documents won't fall in the wrong hands. Konica Minolta's follow-me print system prevents unauthorized access and improves office document/print workflow. Password-protected documents can be printed upon various types of user authentication so only the user can collect a document from a printer.

Technical problems with the systems will be automatically reported to Konica Minolta service technicians.

The systems are delivered by Konica Minolta's German Business Solutions division, a supplier of full solutions for printing workflow in company offices.