Schlapp was at Lamborghini for four-and-a-half years (Photo: Claus Dick)

Lamborghini CIO Matthias Schlapp is moving back to Audi, the luxury sports car maker's parent company within the Volkswagen Group.

Schlapp is assuming responsibility for pre-production, readiness and production planning at Audi. He will be succeeded at Lamborghini by Federico Boni, manager IT process & application at the Italian company.

In a 2012 interview with automotiveIT, Schlapp explained how Lamborghini's IT operation is tightly integrated in the greater Volkswagen Group structure. Especially in the area of IT security, Lamborghini benefits from group initiatives, he said.

In the interview, Schlapp also noted that, within the VW Group, Lamborghini's IT department cooperates particularly well with luxury car brand Bentley. "We acquire a great deal of expertise from our colleagues in England and adjust it to our requirements," he said.

Schlapp, who also is assuming responsibility at Audi for tool manufacturing, Quattro and motor sports processes, was in charge of Lamborghini's IT for the past four-and-a-half years. Before moving to Italy, he ran Audi's SAP competence center.