Cameras replacing traditional side-view mirrors transmit images to small monitors inside the Lexus ES (Photo: Lexus)

Lexus said it will introduce digital side-view mirrors on its new ES sedan in Japan next month.

The Toyota Group's premium brand will install small exterior cameras on the front doors of the vehicle. These will give drivers a clearer view of the car's surroundings than traditional side-view mirrors.

Lexus said they will also be less susceptible to bad weather, will help reduce wind noise and, because of their small size, will provide a view without obstructions through the car's front windows.

The cameras will transmit images to 5-inch display monitors mounted at the base of the front pillars inside the car.

The industry has been experimenting with digital car mirrors, but Lexus claims it is the first to introduce the technology in side-view mirrors in a production car.

-By Arjen Bongard