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    Study: Industry slow to implement information security measures


    The poll found managers are aware of risk but many factors slow down actions that need to be taken (Photo: NTT Security) MUNICH -- Industrial companies are aware that information security and risk management are crucial in today’s data-driven and connected world. But, according to a new study, they ...

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    Study: Strong growth for German IT consultants


    Photo: Accenture German IT service providers, which posted strong growth in 2015, expect to see the upward trend in business continue in 2016 and beyond. An annual study on the state of the German market for IT consultancy and services found that the 95 biggest IT service providers in ...

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    Survey: German BI market set to grow strongly


    US-based SAS is Germany's biggest seller of BI software (Photo: BI) MUNICH - The German market for business intelligence software is set to grow sharply this year, as small and mid-sized companies continue to invest in products that can help make them more efficient. According to a survey of ...

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    Study: In-house consultants on the rise


    In-house consultants are increasingly preferred over outside service providers, according to a study by Luenendonk, a German IT consultancy and market researcher. Luenendonk polled 19 German consultancy companies and four buyers of consultancy services in a study called “The status quo and positioning of in-house consulting units 2010.” “Companies’ internal ...

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    Study: supply chain measures key to sales & earnings growth


    Supply chain management (SCM) has become one of the most important tools companies use to boost sales and earnings, according to a German industry survey. According to the study, conducted by German market researchers Luenendonk among senior managers in mid-sized German companies, “efficient, flexible and strategically directed supply chain management ...