Σtos concept by Rinspeed, a Luxoft collaborator [Image: Luxoft]
Luxoft’s automotive division has launched PELUX 1.0, an open source platform available to developers. This has been developed from its PELUX software suite as used by carmakers and tier 1 suppliers to build converged infotainment, autonomous driving, communication, HMI and car body control systems.

As a base development platform, PELUX 1.0 leverages Linux, Yocto, GENIVI and other well-known open source projects. “The platform is complemented with project blueprints and documentation that provides a state of the art development experience in embedded Linux device creation, tailored specifically to automotive needs,” Luxoft claims.

Michael Dinkel, director of Digital Cockpit at Luxoft, adds in a statement: “Automotive software is not like any other. PELUX 1.0 helps to demystify automotive software by leveraging open source technologies. We have reached a point where creating your own development platform, with a scaffold already around it, is just a click away.”

-Farah Alkhalisi