Image: Luxoft

Luxoft has partnered with Daimler subsidiary MBition GmbH to open a research and development center in Berlin, and is recruiting software developers, automation engineers and QA engineers to work at this new facility.

The center is based at Mindspace, a co-working office, and will focus on mobility services and digital vehicle software: a key task is shaping the interactions of drivers and passengers with autonomous vehicles. “Berlin is at the forefront of innovation in the automotive sector,” said Alwin Bakkenes, MD of Luxoft Automotive, in a statement. “This partnership presents an opportunity for progressive, forward thinking software developers to join the mobility revolution and shape how the next generation of drivers interact with cars. This is an exciting time to work in Berlin and we look forward to working closely with Daimler to co-create the smart technologies of tomorrow.”

Daimler has also now officially opened its Lab1886 ‘innovation hub’ in Atlanta, USA. Around 25 people will be working there by the end of 2018 to develop new digitally-enabled business ideas and projects, supporting Daimler’s mobility solutions strategy. The company describes Lab1886 as an in-house incubator, working from start-up pitch to commercialization, and says it aims to implement ideas quickly and by unconventional means.

-Farah Alkhalisi