T-Systems says Com/Fox can even convert files with kinematics components without data loss (Photo: T-Systems)

T-Systems is offering suppliers to Daimler a program that can convert 3D CAD data created with Catia into a format that can still be used following the company switch to a new Siemens NX based software system.

The German business services group said its Com/Fox software will be able to handle the conversion without any loss of data.

The software aims to accommodate suppliers to Daimler that want to continue to exchange CAD data generated with Catia with Daimler following the premium car group's decision to migrate all of its CAD to Siemens NX. That process is set to be completed by year-end.

The T-Systems specially designed "Supplier Package" allows Catia data to be delivered to Daimler in the neutral JT format, which has been Daimler's preferred format for 3D information used in internal processes. The carmaker's product data management (PDM) system stores more than 10 million JT files used by 15,000 people inside the company.

Daimler is now also developing the JT process format for its cooperation with partners in the hope that this will improve collaboration processes.

"The full JT data sets can be used by Daimler in NX projects," said Winfried Weber, who led the development of Com/Fox at T-Systems.

T-Systems is selling the software licenses online and ready to run. Suppliers have to prove to Daimler, however, that they are capable of delivering JT data that meet the carmaker's standards.