German automotive supplier Mahle has started a change management project using cenitConnect, an SAP PLM 7-based software solution developed by Cenit.

Mahle said it needed a software that would give all Mahle employees involved in product development or production worldwide the right information and documentation.

“It’s completely new for us to see the feasibility and the likely return on investment before making the actual change,” said Stefan Biba, project manager at Mahle.

Biba added, in a press statement, that the Cenit software will allow it to make targeted decisions and take precautions early.

“If something goes wrong, the cost control software will warn us in good time and give us a chance to take corrective action,” said Biba.

Mahle’s pilot project involves the global development and production of filters. Development is handled in Canada, changes are coordinated from Stutgart and production will take place in seven locations on five continents.

CENIT is a Stuttgart-based consultancy and software specialist with expertise in the optimization of business processes and product lifecycle management. Its automotive customers include Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen.