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An aerodynamically styled MAN truck concept could save 25% in fuel costs, the truckmaker claims (Photo: auto-reporter)

Trucks powered by electric motors are not feasible at the moment, said Georg Pachta-Reyhofen, CEO of truck maker MAN.

Pachta-Reyhofen said batteries alone would cost about 300,000 euros and would add 6,000 kilos of weight to a truck. That would go at the expense of freight volume, which would mean more truck traffic on the roads as more trucks would be needed to transport the same amount of freight.

Pachta-Reyhofen also cited as a major problem that truck batteries would need to be recharged for 26 hours after 10 hours of driving.

The MAN CEO, speaking at a symposium organized by the German Auto Industry Assocation, the VDA, said he took a much more positive view of hybrid technology for trucks. Hybrid trucks, he said, could be built at little extra cost and wouldn't need to be recharged for long periods.

In long-distance truck transportation, fuel consumption can be significantly reduced through aerodynamic improvements to the trucks, Pachta-Reyhofen said. He cited a MAN truck concept that could generate fuel savings of 25 pc through better aerodynamic design.