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The World Quality Report says mobile app quality assurance should be higher on the IT agenda (Photo: Capgemini)

Many companies fail to adequately test mobile applications, according to a survey on enterprise application quality.

The World Quality Report, which is compiled each year by consultants Capgemini, software test specialist Sogeti and IT group HP, found that only 31 pc of 1,550 CFOs, CIOs, IT directors and quality assurance (QA) directors polled conduct tests of mobile applications.

"This suggests that QA has fallen behind the mainstream mobile curve," the report said.

The authors off the study say many companies appear to have been caught out by the speed of adoption and proliferation of handheld devices used for business purposes.

The reason for the testing lapses are the unavailability of testing tools and processes, a lack of expertise in mobile applications or too much focus on efficiency of performance rather than on usability or security of software.

The study warns that, with the high connectivity expectations of today's mobile IT users, "making a business mobile and 'always on' should be higher up the  corporate and IT agenda."

The World Quality Report also found that cloud-based testing models are about to be used more frequently. Around 28 pc of respondents already use the cloud for testing and the report says this total is set to rise to 39 pc by 2015.

The authors of the report said they were surprised by "the relatively low level of proactive structured testing" of mobile applications.

They said: "Mobile testing needs to be a fully integrated element of the QA discipline, so that the mobile strategy of the enterprise takes testing into account right from the start."