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The Mazda Takeri concept car, which will be unveiled at the Tokyo auto show, will feature new braking technology (Photo: Mazda)

Mazda said it will be the first car group to start selling models equipped with regenerative braking systems that use a capacitor to store electricity.

The Japanse carmaker said its system, which is called "i-ELOOP," will start appearing in Mazda cars next year. i-ELOOP, which stands for "intelligent energy loop" will improve fuel economy by about 10 pc, Mazda said.

Capacitors can temporarily store large volumes of electricity. They can be charged and discharged faster than batteries and don't deteriorate under prolonged use, Mazda said.

Mazda's new system features a new 12-25V variable voltage alternator, a low-resistance electric double-layer capacitor and a DC/DC converter. When the car brakes, the alternator generates electricity at up to 25V before sending it to the capacitor for storage. It only takes a few seconds to fully charge the capacitor

Mazda will show the i-ELOOP system in its Takeri concept car, which will beon view at the Tokyo auto show next