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    Analysis: Data opportunities abound in complex new-mobility environment


    Participants at a conference about monetizing car data hosted here by the German business daily Handelsblatt said the world of 21st century personal mobility is characterized by growing complexity, new players, new business models and rapidly changing consumer requirements.

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    McKinsey: Six recommendations for Tier One digital transformation


    Image: McKinsey Consultancy firm McKinsey Company has come up with a series of recommendations for successful digital transformation for Tier One automotive suppliers, noting that most in this sector have only recently started to develop new digital products, services and processes. It warns that, for example, ...

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    McKinsey survey: Manufacturers struggle with digitalization efforts


    Image: McKinsey Few companies have realized the full potential of digitization of manufacturing at a large scale, a survey by the McKinsey Company management consultancy has found. Its fourth annual Digital Manufacturing Global Expert study claims that while 92% of the respondents from firms ...

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    McKinsey: China consolidates electric-vehicle lead


    China consolidated its lead in electric-vehicle technology last year, building 43 pc of all EVs manufactured worldwide. The BYD Qin is China's best-selling EV model (Photo: BYD) According to a report by management consultants McKinsey, China also manufactured 25 pc of the world's fuel cells and 37 pc of ...

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    McKinsey: IoT revenue to double in Germany


    McKinsey says Germany leads in connected-car technologies (Photo: Cisco) Internet-of-Things related revenue is set to double in Germany to 23 billion euros a year by 2020 from less than 10 billion euros today, according to a new McKinsey study. The consultants said IT and telecommunications service providers are set ...

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    McKinsey study: Driverless tech to boost truck market


    The McKinsey report precedes the opening of the Hanover Commerial Vehicles show Sept 22. (Photo: IAA) One in three trucks will be able to drive autonomously under certain conditions, according to a new McKinsey study. Driverless technology will account for a sizable chunk of the market growth expected for ...

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    China seen widening EV lead


    Incentives play a key role in electric-vehicle sales (Photo: Nissan) China is expanding its leadership position in electric vehicles, according to two new studies. Germany's Center of Automotive Management (CAM) said carmakers sold 170,000 EVs in China in the first six months of 2016, compared with 66,000 in the ...

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    McKinsey study: Europe's slow digitization leaves money on the table


    Europe's degree of digitization lacks behind the US (Photo: EU) European consumers are heavily invested in digital technologies, but the continent is far removed from realizing the full potential of digitization. That is one of the conclusions from a new study by the McKinsey Global Institute, a think tank ...

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    McKinsey urges preparation for future with autonomous driving


    Daimler showed its vision of autonomous driving at the CES in Las Vegas (Photo: Daimler) The arrival of autonomous vehicles will fundamentally change the automotive industry and car drivers, automotive companies and other personal mobility players should start preparing today already, a new report from management consultants McKinsey says. ...

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    McKinsey: China needs new EV strategy


    China wants to boost EV sales to reduce traffic pollution (Photo: Anna Frodesiak/Wikimedia) China needs to boost sales of range-extended electric vehicles, rather than focus too heavily on pure EVs, according to McKinsey. In a study of the Chinese EV market, the strategy consultants say it will be at least ...

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    McKinsey says urban EV adoption may be faster than expected


    The City of London is promoting electric vehicles Getting urban consumers to buy an electric vehicle may be easier than most car executives and policymakers think. That’s one of the conclusions from a report written by McKinsey consultants in the latest issue of the McKinsey quarterly. McKinsey says research conducted ...