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Sports cars generate large amounts of performance data that need to be analyzed (Photo: McLaren)

McLaren will use SAP software tobetter handle data flows, optimize its infrastructure and improve group operations.

The British automotive racing technology company said it had signed a new contract with SAP to use the business software maker's solutions, including the SAP Hana database.

Ron Dennis, executive chairman of McLaren said analysis of large amounts of data is especially important for the company's Formula 1 racing activities.

"Our Formula 1 cars generate vast quantities of performance data," Dennis said in a press release. "Our ability to process that data and act on it rapidly is crucial to creating the kind of prescriptive intelligence that enables us to transform the outcome of races."

Added Jim Hagemann Snabe, co-CEO of SAP: "Transforming information into intelligence in real time is a cornerstone for McLaren’s winning formula ”“ and increasingly critical for the future of every company."