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eCall is designed to provide faster and more targeted emergency assistance (Photo: ADAC)

Mercedes-Benz will start equipping new models with an eCALL-conform emergency warning system from June 1.

The German premium car maker, a member of the Daimler Group, said new Mercedes models such as the new B-Class, C-Class, E-Class and M-Class will be equipped with the system, which automatically calls an emergency number after a serious accident, free of charge.

The European Union has mandated that eCall will have to be on all new cars from 2015. The system will send out an accident warning and automatically transmit key information about the location of the vehicle and the nature of the accident.

ECall automatic emergency calling will start in nine countries this summer. They are Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Britain, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.Another 19 countries will be added by year end.

The EU Commission estimates that eCall can reduce emergency response times in rural areas by 50 pc and in cities by 40 pc. Across the 27-nation bloc, the system could save 2,500 lives otherwise lost in traffic accidents, the Commission says.

The Mercedes system will use the brand's COMAND-online user interface to activate eCall.