Actano and MHP will offer a platform-as-a-service model (Photo: Actano)

MHP and Actano are cooperating to build a scalable cloud-native platform for project management in the automotive industry.

The two companies said they will offer a so-called platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model that lets customers choose the components they need for a particular situation. Customers also decide how many users need access to the service and for how long.

Actano CEO Holger Loerz said many of the project tools for the platform have already been built. "Together with MHP we are constantly converting further applications, which we will integrate into the platform as we go along," he said.

MHP partner Andres Hernandez said in a press release that German companies, which have been slow to move to cloud-based solutions, are currently changing their approach to the cloud.

"Ever more decision makers - especially in the auto industry - realize that they gain flexibility and dynamism in managing their development processes when they use platforms such as ours," he said. He also cited transparency and lower costs as benefits.

MHP is a management consultancy that is part of the Porsche Group. Actano is a German project-management software specialist.