Process and IT consultant Mieschke, Hofmann und Partner (MHP) has launched a new version of its SAP-based AddOn Translation Manager.

The software tool captures all terms that have been stored in a system and exportsthem to an Excel file. Standard Fit/Gap analysis, which is used to evaluate parts of business processes, can also easily identify which translations are already available. The ones that aren't yet included can be transferred to the Excel list.

The expanded Excel file will then be reentered into the SAP system using Translation manager and all terms are stored in a central database.

The new version of the software offers additional functions, such as the ability to connect Translation Manager directly to external translation tools. That speeds up the exchange of data.

Additionally, the new version allows Fit/Gap analysis for more languages simultaneously. An automated search makes it easier to find language-dependent tables in a system.

Translation activities inside SAP systems take up an increasing amount of time and attention within companies and this leads to additional costs. MHP's AddOn Translation Manager is designed to support these translation activities and makes them easier to manage.

MHP belongs to the Porsche group.