All of the i-MiEV’s electrical systems remained intact in a crash

Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV battery-electric vehicle received a four-star rating from EuroNCAP, the European car-safety assessment company. Extensive tests were carried out by German testers TUEV Rheinland on behalf of EuroNCAP.

The German organization said it was the first time that a full electric vehicle had passed the EuroNCAP test. “The good performance of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV reflects that, in a crash, no problems whatsoever occurred in the electrical system of the vehicle and the batteries didn’t suffer any damage.”

Earlier this year, Volvo also demonstrated independently that an electric version of its C30 model survived various crash situations without damage to its electrical systems.

The dangers resulting from an electric-vehicle crash are different from those that occur in a crash of traditional cars. High voltage components need to be properly separated from the car and its passengers and lithium-ion batteries need to be switched off automatically in a crash.

EuroNCAP said in its report on the i-MiEV: “No problems were experienced with the high voltage electrical system which powers the vehicle: the battery was properly isolated from the bodyshell and was not damaged during the tests.”

The European association said some occupant-protection features could be improved, but the car scored well on child protection and pedestrian safety.