bmw 7 instrument panel.automotiveIT

BMW’s customizable instrument panel is a 600 euro option on the new 7 Series (Photo: BMW)

BMW's new flagship 7 Series features an optional multifunctional instrument display that lets drivers decide how they want to look at key information.

The 600 euro display option retains the traditional format of four circular instruments. But the driver can now decide what the layout will look like in detail.

The 10.25 inch display can show information in different colors for the 7 Series' comfort, sport and eco pro modes. Information is tailored to the driving mode and changes accordingly.

In eco pro and sport modes, for example, the traditional four rings open to offer additional space for extra information between them. The eco pro mode can show how efficiently the car is being driven.

Other carmakers are also beginning to offer customizable instrument displays. Cadillac's new CUE system features some of these options and the new 2013 Dodge Dart in the US offers a wide range of customization possibilities for its instrument display.