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Bosch says Eco.Logic motion can help save 800 euros a year in fuel for a big truck (Photo: Bosch)

Bosch says it can lower average fuel consumption of a heavy truck by 3 pc with the help of a new driver assistance system that uses extended GPS information and vehicle data to more efficiently operate a truck.

The so-called "Predictive Powertrain Control," which Bosch developed jointly with car and truck maker Mercedes-Benz, will be introduced on the new Mercedes Actros truck later this summer.

The system uses Bosch's Eco.Logic motion assistance technology, which looks at navigation data such as gradients and bend curvatures to optimize engine and transmission controls. This information is then combined with manufacturer-specific algorithms for cutting fuel consumption.

In the Mercedes implementation, Bosch is supplying the hardware and software platform as well as the "electronic horizon," a three-dimensional image of the truck's surroundings that is used to help calculate a suitable speed and gear selection for the road ahead.

Mercedes-Benz developed the application software for the system.

Bosch said the 3 pc fuel reduction depends on the topography of routes traveled. But it noted that even a 1 pc cut would reduce operating costs of a 40 ton truck with a high annual mileage by 800 euros a year.