Daimler's r&d center in Bangalore is the biggest of its kind outside Germany (Photo: Daimler)

BANGALORE ”“ Companies in mature markets are increasingly transferring r&d abroad and premium car maker Daimler is no exception.

The company recently inaugurated a new r&d center here, underscoring the importance it attaches to the fast-growing Indian market.

“India is one of the core markets of our Mercedes-Benz 2020 growth strategy, and it has enormous growth potential,” said Thomas Weber, Daimler's head of r&d. “With our new research center, we are further expanding our presence in the market so our research and development can be closer to our customers as well.”

Daimler employs about 21,000 researchers and development engineers in eight countries. The company's Bangalore facility is its largest r&d location outside of Germany and the largest of any automaker on the sub-continent.

The reasons for the investment are obvious: “We need international locations so we can know what is happening in the world," Weber said in an interview with automotiveIT.

It is not just Daimler that sees major opportunities to score points with a globally dispersed development network. A full-fledged automotive cluster with supplier partners such as Robert Bosch, Continental and Behr has grown up in Bangalore and Pune, 150 km southeast of Mumbai. The suppliers give development jobs wholly or in part to operations in India.

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