Nokia hopes a new Car Connectivity Consortium that was launched this week will help drive the standardization of the interface between cars and consumer electronics.

The Finnish mobile telecommunications group said the consortium includes carmakers Daimler, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, and Volkswagen. On the supplier side, Alpine and Panasonic are members. And consumer electronics makers LG Electronics, Nokia and Samsung also participate in the venture.

"The Car Connectivity Consortium now has the power to turn Terminal Mode into the global standard for the integration of smartphones into vehicles," said Floris van de Klashorst, Nokia director and head of Nokia Automotive. He added that the standard will bring together "the exciting and innovating worlds of mobile ecosystems and applications with the automotive industry."

As carmakers integrate and connect more consumer electronics devices to the vehicle, they are experiencing growing problems with the multitude of connectivity standards that are used by different companies. To deal with this, Nokia has introduced Terminal Mode, a standard for the connection of high-performing mobile devices to vehicle-based systems. Terminal Mode is based on established standards such as internet protocol, USB and Bluetooth.

The standard allows the connection of mobile devices with in-car systems such as digital displays, steering wheel buttons, rotary knobs and car audio systems. Consumers can also use a mobile device via the car controls, as if the device and its apps were integrated into the car itself.

LG Electronics Vice President SeungHoon Lee said the consortium will help meet customer demand to use consumer electronics features inside the car. "LG Electronics expects that the Car Connectivity Consortium can lead future automotive and IT convergence technology," he said in a statement.

Samsung, another Korean electronics giant, believes smartphones will become the dominant hub for in-vehicle infotainment and connectivity, said Dokyun Kim, director, product strategy team at Samsung Mobile. He called Terminal Mode "one of the key enabling technologies."

Nokia said the consortium, which will further develop Terminal Mode, is an open alliance that will likely add further industry players in coming weeks.