Image: NXP

NXP Semiconductors has announced a new series of microprocessors for controlling dynamics in next-generation electric and autonomous vehicles. The NXP S32S family of microprocessors are for systems to safely accelerate, brake and steer, in both driven and autonomous modes; they use the latest Arm Cortex-R52 cores giving four fully-independent processing paths, as well as the OpenSynergy real-time hypervisor platform to integrate multiple real-time operating systems onto microcontrollers.

NXP says that the new S32S architecture supports a new ‘fail availability’ feature which enables the device to continue in operation after detecting and isolating a failure. Other developments include a large flash memory for over-the-air updates without processor downtime. It claims that it offers the highest performance at the certified ASIL D (Automotive Safety Integrity Level D) criteria.

“When we started the development of the S32S it was clear that just building another incremental microcontroller was not what customers needed to handle the safety and performance requirements of next-generation and autonomous vehicles,” said Ray Cornyn, NXP vice president of vehicle dynamics and safety, in a statement. “Our new safety processors leverage the high performance multi-core benefits of the S32 Arm platform while still supporting traditional microcontroller ease of use and environmental robustness.”

-Farah Alkhalisi