Image: NXP

NXP Semiconductors and Hitachi Solutions are partnering to develop a new V2X solution, initially for the Japanese market with launch in 2019. This will combine NXP’s V2X modern and processor with a Hitachi V2X software stack, to be supplied to carmakers as telematics modules or on-board units.

The secure high-speed DSRC (dedicated short range communications) technology, an open-source protocol for communication between cars and infrastructure, can be used to support platooning, emergency braking, around-corner vision and other safety-critical applications. It has a range of over one mile, even where cellular connections are not available. It can be implemented at 5.9GHz and 760MHz, so while it is initially targeted at Japan (760MHz) it could also be supplied for vehicles to be used in Europe, the US and Korea (5.9GHz).

NXP claims that its second-generation SAF5400 single-chip DSRC modem has a scalable architecture, a fast start-up time, a long range and the flexibility for in-field upgrades. Its software defined radio (SDR) technology supports the different regional standards.

“Hitachi Solutions is happy to partner with NXP to offer our mutual customers the V2X solution with our robust software stack and NXP’s groundbreaking V2X technology,” said Hideji Morita, VP and executive officer, Hitachi Solutions, in a statement.

-Farah Alkhalisi