NXP has developed a new family of Flexray transceivers aimed at helping carmakers introduce higher voltage electrical systems.

The Netherlands-based semiconductor group said it is now offering carmakers a new family of 48 volt transceivers capable of supporting electrical architectures operating at up to 60 volts.

The move follows an agreement by BMW, Audi, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen last year to move toward higher voltage systems to cope with the proliferation of in-car electronics that all demand more power. The companies are working to add a 48 volt architecture to the existing 12 volt system to more effectively handle the integration of new high-power components.

NXP said the electrification of previously mechanical vehicle means the standard 12 volt electrical system has reached its limits. A 48 volt system will ensure efficient power supply to high-current devices, the company said.

Kurt Sievers, the NXP executive in charge of automotive business at the chipmaker, said the new transceivers coupled with existing products "enable the advancement of a whole new power domain within in-vehicle networking."

Transceivers send and receive data and are a key network component.