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OnStar sofar is only available in North America and China (Photo: OnStar)

Onstar is teaming up with Spanish telecommunications group Telefonica to expand its telematics offerings globally.

"Earlier this year we announced that OnStar is growing its global footprint,” said Jon Hyde, director of OnStar Global Expansion. "This partnership is one of the first vital steps in that process."

OnStar, which is fully owned by General Motors, provides connected safety, security and mobility solutions to GM vehicles in North America and China. More recently, OnStar has also become available in North America as an aftermarket product for all brands.

The company said it will use Telefonica's international GSM network to offer services such as automatic crash notification, emergency services, turn-by-turn navigation, diagnostics and remote mobile connectivity.

The two companies declined to say how long their initial agreement would run. The pact will focus on offering current OnStar services, but over time could "include the development and creation of future offerings between the two companies."

Telefonica, which is active in 25 countries, is particularly strong in Spain, Europe and Latin America.