Mazda installed its original MDI system in 1996 (Photo: Mazda)

Oracle has implemented an IT overhaul at Mazda that will reduce the carmaker's server operating costs by 40 pc and lower power consumption by 75 pc.

The US-based hardware and business software group said it had modernized and consolidated the Mazda Digital Innovation (MDI) system on Oracle servers that run the IT group's Solaris 10 software.

Mazda launched the MDI system in 1996 to streamline IT processes ranging from initial new vehicle planning through development, production engineering, testing and purchasing to actual production. It includes 3d computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM), product data management (PDM), and other IT tools.

The system needed to be overhauled because, after 16 years of operation, the Japanese carmaker began to experience "performance issues and challenges with server resource allocation, efficiency, and cost," Oracle said.

The IT group used its Oracle VM for SPARC product to virtualize and consolidate middleware and applications on 25 servers onto three SPARC T4 servers. The migration to new SPARC T4 servers took only two days because both old and new servers were running Oracle Solaris.

The new architecture improves PDM tool response by 50 pc, cuts operational costs and lowers power consumption, Oracle said. In addition, Mazda was able to reduce its data center footprint by 90 pc from 12 racks to one.